Write an article to enhance the effect of your property listing

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  2. February 22, 2013 8:09 pm

rockpool200 (9K)

 Write an article to enhance the effect of your property listing

When you list your holiday property, an informative article is a tool which can make your listing more visible in the search engines.

Whether you list on a major advertising platform, where you compete among thousands of other ads, or on a small, targeted service such as Petbreaks.com,  you can benefit from extra, free exposure of your listing.

We  offer you free space – subject to approval – to post a  short,  informative article, about 300-400 words is enough.  Your article should not directly be advertising your property, but rather appear as information about your area or other relevant information. It should contain keywords relative to what you are advertising, but not directly advertise it.  Think about what information users would find useful when seeking to buy or rent property in your area.

We will allow one or two  links within the article,  and a  link to your advert  posted next to your name as author.

You can post a relevant photo in the article,  if you wish, but do not use the same as in your advert.

If your article is well written, we will post it or post a link to it in social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, which may further  enhance the visibility in the search engines.

So get started, sign up and post the article.  Posting an article and a  basic advert  is currently free at this site.

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